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Registration for OPT for success training (all modules) is $120.

This seminar is a general overview of what is entailed in the work of the ministry support personnel. The two-and a half day seminar consists of 14-hours of study and activities. A certificate of completion is presented to each participant. The seminar covers office and technical skills, communication skills, and people skills.

It will answer such questions as:
*Is this a job or a calling?
*What do we believe and why?
*Am I qualified?
*Am I a leader or do I simply manage work?
*What office skills are required?
*How do I share the Good News through my ministry support?
*How do I stay "plugged in" and vibrant in this ministry?

You have the option to take all seven modules for $120 or choose individual modules for $25 each.
NOTE: If taking all 7 modules, you will need to arrive on Wed., April 12 as Module 1 is scheduled for that evening.

Module 1


7:00 pm-9:00 pm

Every Ministry Support Professional Should Know What Your Church/Denomination Believes and Why:  Every ministry support professional needs to understand the ministry of the church or denomination office. This includes the biblical meaning and function of the church; how the church began and grew; the differences between the many denominations; the ordinances of the church as we believe and why we observe them; church membership; and much more.

Module 2


8:00 am-9:55 am

Every Ministry Support Professional Should Know How to Enable Your Church/Ministry Office Through Your Leadership and Organization Skills:  Many ministry support professionals do not know the importance of their position within the church or ministry office. Many times she works alone and must make decisions using her skills. Ministry support professionals will learn how to use initiative appropriately; whenand how to use supervisory functions; how to manage multiple projects; and how to discover and use resources.

Module 3


10:40 am-12:15 pm

Every Ministry Support Professional Should Know How to Communicate Effectively:  It is important for ministry support professionals to project a professional image by applying office and telephone etiquette; using proper business writing and grammer; keeping ministry publications up-to-date; and using technology efficiently and effectively.

Module 4


1:30 pm-3:30 pm

Every Ministry Support Professional Should Know How a Church or Ministry Office Should Manage Its Finances:  Areas to be discussed include: budget, recording contributions, counting committees, audits, documentation and filing, petty cash funds, IRS requirements, and much more.

Module 5


3:30 pm-6:00 pm

Every Ministry Support Professional Should Know How to Manage the Administrative Tasks of the Church/Ministry Office:  This module will assist the ministry support professional to develop a realistic job description; set up office policies and procedures; establish information management processes;improve filing techniques; and apply organizational skills for the office.

Module 6


8:00 am-10:00 am

Every Ministry Support Professional Should Know How to Minister in Your Support Position:  Ministry support professionals have unlimited avenues to show the love of Christ. They minister to the staff, church family, unsaved, and unchurched. They minister during personal and community crises. And of course, there are benevolence needs and difficult people that require attention.

Module 7


10:00 am-11:55  am

Every Ministry Support Professional Should Know Thyself and to Thyself and Christ Be True:  Ministry support professionals must be persons of character displaying a ministry attitude; building relationships; pursuing professional growth; fostering spiritual formation and growth; and maintaining balance both professionally and personally. We will explore ways to be spiritually, emotionally, and physically fit for service.

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