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Breakout Session Choices
If you are taking OPT Training, please choose "None" for each session.

OPT for Success:
If you are taking the entire training course, please check all 7 boxes.  If you are only taking the modules individually, just check the one (s) you'd like to take.  PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE SCHEDULE IS DIFFERENT, SO PLAN YOUR DAY ACCORDINGLY.  All 7 modules are $120. Individual modules are $25 each, in addition to your registration cost.

OPT Individual Modules
EXTRA Guest - Banquet Reservation
(enter "none" if not bringing a guest)

This is for anyone who might be traveling with you (spouse, etc.) who is not registering for classes and paying a separate conference fee but will be attending the banquet on Thursday night with you. There is a fee of $22.00 for the extra banquet guest and you will need to select that item when you proceed to payment. Payment is due now at registration. (Every conference fee paid admits only one person to the banquet meal.)

Wednesday Night Meet and Greet
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